South Pacific Travel

From Cultural Experiences to Adventure Touring

“Where do I go?” and “what do I do?” are like the chorus of a favorite song to our ears. Yes, it’s repetitive, for sure, but we love to hear you belt out those words. Especially, when you ask about the South Pacific.

The South Pacific region is spacious, diverse and full of possibility:

  • New Zealand
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • Australia
  • French Polynesian Islands
  • Pacific Islands

The options are endless – the Daintree Rainforest, Kaikoura seal watching, sacred cultural sites, archeological wonders – we could go on!

Simply web search South Pacific for a unique destination and the results are overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be.

When you contact a South Pacific travel expert at Personal Travel Management, you get a personalized experience. We build lasting relationships with travellers, just like you, to ensure every one of your South Pacific trips is unique to your interests.

Yes, it’s a lot like the time you called a friend for first hand knowledge. But better - with preferred customer pricing, in-destination assistance, and plenty of tips on what to see and do.

What to Do

From outback adventures to an island-hopping cultural cruise, we can tailor make your trip. Simply bring us a budget, a time-frame and a list of things you love to do, and we deliver options.

Craving adventure? We have you covered!

Glow Worm Caves of Northern New Zealand - explore twists, turns and waterfall jumps on a blackwater tubing adventure through limestone caves to the unexpected beauty of the glow worm habitat.

Snorkel/Dive Tours of the Australian Coastline – swim through shipwrecks, untouched coral, grey shark habitat and schools of colourful fish from the Great Barrier Reef to the shores of Tasmania.

Plus, there so much more to ask us about . . . like hiking, biking, skiing and bungy jumping.

Seeking culture? We know about that too!

Maori Cultural Tours – listen to wood carvers tell stories of traditional art or sit with Maori people to share a slow cooked meal prepared in a traditional Hangi - a hot stone oven layered with earth.

Tahitian Cultural Tours – connect with the cultural roots of the Tahitian people through rich storytelling, vibrant tropical fruit tasting and ceremonial dances full of colourful flower headdresses, handwoven grass skirts and traditional drums and flutes.

Plus, there’s so much more to ask us about . . . like brewery tours, farm tours and theatre.

Even if you’re keen on a self-guided tour, you can still cover the best of New Zealand – North to South – in just 21 days with the help of a South Pacific travel expert.

With our Featured Trip and Group Departure itineraries, travellers get the benefits of a longstanding relationship with hoteliers, car rental agencies, cruise lines and tour operators throughout the South Pacific. Plus, it’s a region that is safe and friendly.

When to visit the South Pacific

Anytime is a good time for travel, right?!

Our South Pacific specialists can help you determine your travel needs. Whether it’s off-season to beat the crowds, the best time for whale-watching or a definite need for sunny days, we can help you decide when to depart for the South Pacific.

Contact a South Pacific travel expert today!