The Ultimate Curated Boutique African Safari Experience - Part 1 of 3

By Jenny Revesz

The “Trip of a Lifetime” African Safari Itinerary Travelling with Jenny Revesz and Abby Olemisiko of Boutique Safari

With so much out there to be discovered, it is near impossible to pinpoint the perfect African Safari experience on your own. Furthermore, who would want such an important journey to be left up to chance? For most travelers, the African Safari is a quintessential, once in a lifetime, bucket list travel experience that they want to be curated to perfection - after all, the idea is to do it once and have it be mind-blowingly spectacular!

Well, as a Professional Travel Consultant and Africa Specialist I have been refining the ultimate guided boutique safari by returning to Africa yearly to share this experience with a small group of my clients. In this three-part blog series, I am going to first share with you all about the Boutique Safari brand ethos and their extremely knowledgeable owner and local guide, Abby. In part two, I’ll share and educate you more on the hand-picked locations we explore and the incredible wildlife we encounter. Finally, in part three, I’ll highlight the incredible people of Tanzania and their unique culture that makes them so enchanting.

Why I choose Boutique Safari and Abby

I have been on safari three times with Boutique Safari and Abby Olemisiko who is both half owner of the company and safari guide. The number one reason I love working with this company is Abby. He is deeply connected to Tanzania in so many ways and offers my travelers and I inspired insights that go far beyond any guide book or cookie cutter tour.

Abby is a Maasai and knows absolutely everyone (this is actually true!). He has been studying his craft and guiding in this area for all of his life, and it shows. His knowledge on the animals and the birds is second to none and his instincts are incredible. One of the things that my clients and I appreciate about Abby is that he is not hindered by keeping his vehicle to a set path or km and he will drive to the far reaches of the plains to show us things where there is maybe one other vehicle around.

When on Safari with Abby, he is constantly teaching us each day. Apart from learning so much from him we also enjoy lots of laughs along the way. There is a very special day on the trip where we bring a picnic lunch and visit Abby’s parent’s home. They have one of the most unexpected and amazing gardens – a water-drip system is used to grow hundreds of vegetables and fruit that feed many in the village. This is just one of the many incredible and unexpected local moments that happen organical when with travelling with Abby and Boutique Safari.

Every detail is considered on the Boutique Safari journey. From the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you depart from Tanzania. Abby and I ensure everyone has the most incredible experience. Each time we say goodbye at the end, there are always tears and that to me sums up why I will always use Abby and Boutique Safari. It truly is an experience of a lifetime!

We call this once in a lifetime trip the East African Wonders Safari. It consists of a 19-day tour in the following locations: Arusha, Tanzania, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania Ngorongoro Crater National Park, Tanzania Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. It also includes flights to from Serengeti National Park to Stonetown, Tanzania Zanzibar, Tanzania and a flight to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Now, even though I highly recommend the full 19-day itinerary, it can actually be broken down into modules and is extremely flexible. Check out the 2020 Itinerary HERE.

This ultimate curated safari includes accommodation in boutique hotels and safari tents, all park fees and transit fees, all meals during the entire tour (as noted), English speaking professionally certified safari and tour guides, private airport transfers, private safari transport in 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser(s) with VHF radios, roof-hatch access, refrigerators, and window seats for each guest, hot air balloon ride in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater entry fees, domestic flights (Serengeti - Arusha – Zanzibar – Dar es Salaam), bottled water in the vehicles (no limit of water per day), and any other government taxes and levies.

I have spent three years perfecting the Safari experience, together with Abby of Boutique Safari, and we would love to invite you to be our guest for our 2020 departure. Next month I’ll share about the incredible parks we visit and the wildlife we get up close and personal with.

In the meantime email me for your detailed itinerary and a personal invitation to my 2020 departure. I would love for you to be my and Abby’s guest on this once in a lifetime African Adventure!

Jenny Revesz